Alex Sands

One day I’ll make a font and name it Sands Serif. In the meantime, I'll write with what I have.

About Me

Currently I'm a co-founder of Plasticity, making software to understand natural language. I've worked on product and engineering teams at Apple, Google Nest, and Comcast. I live in Austin, TX (previously NY, SF, and DC).

University of Pennsylvania

I graduated in 2017 from the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology, with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Economics in Management.

2013 - Present

In 2014, a group of us hacked Siri to open it up to 3rd party commands, such as unlocking your Tesla, sending a payment on Venmo, or turning up your thermostat. It became the first App Store for voice commands, called GoogolPlex. Our project placed 3rd at PennApps and grew to support ~25,000 users.

In 2013, I co-founded Pilot, a non-profit that hosted nation-wide high school hackathons to teach students how to code. We ran these events in 14 different cities, with several events reaching 200+ students and 30+ mentors.

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